I had to bring these guys along as  our old english sheepdogs have gone to the rainbow bridge,  love these cuties forever.  They watch over the lizards.



Welcome to Suncharmers news flash page. This is where I will announce anything news worthy that takes place here.  New arrivals hatchings, sales, availabilities.  Lizard love,  and cute photos.  An  eggscellent place to check often.    So stop by and see us!

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The  C. collaris Kids 2020
1st clutch * C. melanomaculatus 5/28/2020
The  C. collaris Kids 2020
2nd  clutch * C. melanomaculatus

Smurf & Blossom S. minor spinys * Blossom  delivered 2   babys  7/ 2020

Chico & Chalada & Chalupa

These collared lizards  are C. melanomaculatus   parents to the  youngsters above

Toastytoes and Sandysocks *  Pair of Baby desert iguanas.  I will be working with  these awesome iggies now.
   Chondrodactylus sp. Kalahari
Originally bred by Joe Hupp.  Be working with these little      geckos,  about 4-6 inches, so cute, from South Africa , Kalahari desert 
Pronunciation: kawn-dro-dak-till-us
Spring Fashion
                Cute Photo
Nutrition counts eat your carrots
   Moonshadow & NiteStar
   Total Eclipses In The Making
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