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   My Collared Lizards, Sexing Photos & Many                      More Lizard Photos
     Collared Lizards

Yellow Heads/C. collaris
Yellowheads,  locale  east central Utah, and western  Colorado, classified as C. collaris but formerly known   as C. c auriceps . Yellowheads,  are also found in  Arizona,  somewhat of a different look, but they dazzle the eye.  

Kashaya beautiful colors.jpg
Say what.jpg
Aquaflames/ C.collaris  
 Locale is Oklahoma.  The  term/name
Aquaflame was coined by Dr. Thomas Jones, referred to the
beautiful bright coloration  turquoise/ yellows/orange dewlap

aquaflame male Keotah stunning.jpg
Wichita mt  dude Taloga.jpg
Keotah is so fine.jpg
Melanomaculatus/ C.collaris  
 Locale is Mexico  , these are a favorite of mine now, gorgeous  lime greens, with white/gray backround color and black dots, dashes, or  bars.

Suncharmers Mixes/ C.collaris  
These are  my mixed collareds,  My Yella Flames,  and my yellowhead x texas  kids
april 2021 Mataka looking lovely.jpg
Tioga bluer than blue.jpg
The Kansas Locale kids/ C.collaris  
These kids (trio) are from a Kansas locale, legally collected by a friend on his property, given to me .
Trego jan 2023.jpg
Female Collared Vent Without The Usual Spots
This is a picture of the female vent. Notice the scales under the slit area, are  much smaller than the male.    Some females will also have  two dark black dots to either  side of vent area. She does not.
Sexing Collared Lizards
Female Collared /Vent With Spots
Female vent pic,  this female,  does have the   black dots on either side of vent.  Just to let   you know some do and some don't.

Male Collared Vent
This picture is of a male collareds vent area, notice the large row of white scales  beneath the slit area.  Compare the  two pictures,  NOTICEABLE difference

 Petrosaurus thalassinus * Baja Blue Rock Photos

Shindigy and Jamboree mar 2022.jpg
Shindig a big ole boy.jpg
Shindiig spring 2022.jpg

        Agama & Spiny Photos

Kandy 2022.jpg
Smurf 2-3-2023.jpg
Sexing Clown Agamas
Sexing older clowns/ or most agamas,  Males
have a line of raised rough yellowy waxy scales  
on their belly, and waxy look on their vents.  Also has bulges along vent with waxy look as well. 
Females tummy scales appear smooth and also
vent area.  Young  can be extremley tough to sex.
Razzmatazz  wow feb 2023.jpg
Clowns Kandy n Kane nov 2022.jpg
Razzmatazz  sparkles.jpg
Yearling granite underside.jpg
Rah just glowed today.jpg
Rah and Zarah aug2021.jpg
Chimbuka so stunning.jpg
Motley arrived 1-17-2023.jpg
Chimbu  getign reds.jpg

    Panther and Veiled Chameleons

    Rainbow Lizards & Alligator Lizard

Midori gravid  pretty wide.jpg
Great color  Turkoyz.jpg
Midori gravid 2nd time 2022.jpg
Midas male alley2022 season arrived.jpg

    Anolis baracoae & Anolis sabanus

Pretty girl Zazzu 2022.jpg
Pongo  dec 26th 2022.jpg
female sabanus anole  arrived.jpg
Little boy sabanus anole.JPG

         Desert Iguanas

Sandysocks ready to lay May2022.jpg
The  iggy family.jpg

  Leopard Geckos and African Geckos

Red Eye Tree Frogs & Barking Tree Frogs
Redeye beauty.jpg
Fruit loop red eye froggie nov 2022.jpg
love my barking tree frogs.jpg
Magoo male  red eye froggie nov 2022.jpg
cute froggie face nov 2022.jpg
Eastern Box Turtles  Mom , Dad,  And Baby
Roady and Jacuzzi  rep room.jpg
Dad and Tater.jpg
Tater tot gorgeous babyhatched 2019.jpg
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