Other Available Lizards

On this page I will be offering captive bred baby lizards for sale, other than collareds lizards, or leopard geckos, which have their own available page.

     * Cute As Can Be *

    Baby Granite  Spinys - Sceloporus  Orcutti Available   

                                   100.00 each * shipping additional

Raspberry * The Mother

Dazzle * The Daddy

Baby  Sceloporus  minor *  1 left with regrown portion of tail.  Price  190.00   shipping additional

Hatched 6/22/2019  * really cute lil kids


Eating great, active, fast, and cute.  Beautiful  Deep blue when grown.  



Price 225.00 each  shipping additional  quote with zipcode.  All others SOLD

               Baby  Desert Spinys - Sceloporus  Magisters


 Baby desert spinys hatched  5/21/2019  Available, Beautiful Parents.


  2nd Batch hatched  7/4/2019- The Fire Cracker kids


One  Pair Available


      PRICE  - 55.00 SHIPPING ADDITIONAL * Male has tiny  curl at end of tail



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