Other Available Lizards

Smurf *Sceloporus  minor
Shimmermint *Sceloporus clarki
Dazzle *Sceloporus orcutti
Kissmas & Kringle * Clown Agama
Dune & Wildflower *Sceloporus magist
Jamboree *Petrosaurus thallasinus
Kringle *Clown Agama
Neon *Sceloporus jarrovii
Razzberri * Sceloporus orcutti

On this page I will be offering captive bred baby lizards for sale, other than collareds lizards, or leopard geckos, which have their own available page.

     * Cute As Can Be *
Sceloporus Orcutti / Granite Spiny  Kids

Selling  remaining kids as a group of  7  Unsexed  didnt chase them down, lol,  need space for  more hatchlings. Beautiful healthy, spunky kids from awesome  parents, pic below

Price 675.00   shipping additional

granite kids pic 5.jpg

Rascal  S. orcutti Granite spiny* The Mother

Razz Rascal and iggy tail apr 2022.jpg

Razzmatazz * Granite spiny* TheDaddy

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