Other Available Lizards

Smurf *Sceloporus  minor
Shimmermint *Sceloporus clarki
Dazzle *Sceloporus orcutti
Kissmas & Kringle * Clown Agama
Dune & Wildflower *Sceloporus magist
Jamboree *Petrosaurus thallasinus
Kringle *Clown Agama
Neon *Sceloporus jarrovii
Razzberri * Sceloporus orcutti

On this page I will be offering captive bred baby lizards for sale, other than collareds lizards, or leopard geckos, which have their own available page.

     * Cute As Can Be *

 Yearling Pair*   Male & Female * Granite  Spiny - Sceloporus  Orcutti Available  


(Regrown tails, BUT.. Full tails.  Approx.  2 inches of darker colored tail on female,   Male you can hardy tell, his tail is a turquoise green, just lacks some banding )   otherwise in great health.  Male  is gettign  some  beautiful colors when heated up, nice purple starting down his back.   Female  has  pretty reddish face and some nice red color in body.

                              150.00  * shipping additional - Contact me if interested *  Posted   3/5/2021

Yearling Male
Young male granite 2019 hatch.jpg

Full re-grown tail

regrwon tail  mlae granite.jpg
Yearling Female
Rubys regrwon tail.jpg

Full re-grown tail

Pretty Ruby.jpg

Raspberry * The Mother

Raspberry  ready to lay.jpg

Dazzle * The Daddy

Dazzles purple back.jpg
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