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Other Available Lizards

Smurf *Sceloporus  minor
Shimmermint *Sceloporus clarki
Dazzle *Sceloporus orcutti
Kissmas & Kringle * Clown Agama
Dune & Wildflower *Sceloporus magist
Jamboree *Petrosaurus thallasinus
Kringle *Clown Agama
Neon *Sceloporus jarrovii
Razzberri * Sceloporus orcutti

On this page I will be offering captive bred baby lizards for sale, other than collareds lizards, or leopard geckos, which have their own available page.

     * Cute As Can Be *
     Sceloporus Orcutti / Granite Spiny  Kids
                    Coming soon 2024

growing nicely  2022 kids.jpg
Razz Rascal and iggy tail apr 2022.jpg
Have a question, or need help,  interested in  any offspring ,send me a message. Use the box below

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