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Bred here at Suncharmers.  Snows,      Trempers, Halloween Masks, Extreme Bolds, Bandits, HyperXanthics, Tangerine Baldys, and More.  Regular & Giant.

Mack Snows * Bolds * Stripes
ID#4  Mack snow stripe male.jpg

Mack Snow Stripe * Male

Hatched - Nov/ 2020 * 7 months old
Very handsome young male,   nice stripe back and tail.  Very light  snowy back round color, and pretty eyes.

Price -110.00  shipping additional , quote with zip code.


Bold mack male ID#5 SP hatched 6-26-2021.jpg
    Mack Snow Bold Stripe* Male

Hatched -6/26/2021

Gorgeous, patterns, face,  awesome  juvey snow boy

Price- 120.00 shipping additional  quote with zip code
   Halloween Masks And Crosses* Bold Bandit x Halloween Mask * Bold Bandits * Extreme Bolds
beautful ext bolds  tabasco daddy.jpg
    Normal* Real Pretty
ID#2  pretty Normal male  yearling.jpg
Available Soon Extreme Bolds

 Normal * Male  * SOLD

Hatched May 30, 2020  -Beautiful  yearling male,  striking, gorgeous face and eyes. He's a light pastel yellow  on top,  with a snowy white throughout. Nice  pattern.
  His mom was a whitish normal, and dad was a white mack snow.

Price-  89.00   shipping additional , quote with zip code.




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leopard gecko care regimen with housing, heat,  food/water,  and  proper

*I can not guarantee sex of a youngster  unless I have specifically stated
the sex in description.

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