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 Suncharmers Lotsa Leopards

High Quality Beautiful Geckos For Sale.

Bred here at Suncharmers.  Snows,      Trempers, Halloween Masks, Extreme Bolds, Bandits, HyperXanthics, Tangerine Baldys, and More.  Regular & Giant.

Lots of 2022 kids  Inquire
Few Mack Snow Fasciolatus, 
Bold Mack Snows,  Extreme Bolds,  Possible Giant Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldys and more.
  Mack Snows, Bold Mack Snow,     Jungles &  Mack Snow Fasciolatus
 Yearling Very Bold Mack Snow
ID-DMG122  Male 41 grams
Hatched 5/11/2022
This guy is amazing, extremely BOLD and beautiful. Stunning  eyes,  nice patterns thru entire body, even his tail is stripey, and bold.

250.00  shipped
   Yearling Male Mack Snow Fasciolatus
 Yearling  Male Mack Snow Fasciolatus
ID#DD 1522  Male  31 grams
Hatched  8/7/2022
Handsome  young male,  nice whites,  pastel yellows, and nice spotting.
175.00 shipped
   Halloween Masks And Crosses* Bold Bandit x Halloween Mask * Bold Bandits * Extreme Bolds
 Yearling Extreme  Bold Pair
ID# PG1422- Male 46 grams
Hatched 7/8/2022

ID% DMG822- Female 30 grams
Hatched 7/5/2022
Unrelated, housed together  since  hatching,selling as a pair.  Price includes  fee for shipping.  



           Yearling Big Bold
ID#SP322 - Male  77 grams
Hatched 6/3/2022
Real Nice boy, very handsome
Shipping is included in price

175.00- shipped

extreme bold male yearling.jpg
  Yearling Male  Extreme  Bold
yearling female bold 2022 hatch.jpg
Yearling Female Halloween Mask /Bold Stripe
Yearling Female Bold Stripe



Thank you for your visit  to Suncharmers   LOTSA LEOPARDS.  

*All payments can be made through Paypal  Payable to

Will HOLD a gecko  with a 20 % down payment.   Deposits are
non-refundable. Also offer payment plans, can't pay all at once?  No
problem, we can work it out.  But must use Paypal for payments, thank you.

*   Shipping Fee , contact me  for exact quote  OR  click the paypal button, shipping is

included in total.   Shipping  with Fed-Ex*  SYR or Reptile2You - Priority Overnight, delivered Next Morning.  Shipping overnight Anywhere in USA except Hawaii.

* Heat or Cold packs provided as needed.  ** No shipping in Extreme
Temperatures,  Not  Safe *  

*All kids should arrive healthy, and happy.   I will guarantee your gecko/s  
health for  14 days after arriving, providing  you  have followed a good  
leopard gecko care regimen with housing, heat,  food/water,  and  proper

*I can not guarantee sex of a youngster  unless I have specifically stated
the sex in description.

*I also can not guarantee  color, or pattern a gecko will be when it

*I can guarantee I did my very best to care  for each and everyone and
hope you will enjoy  any geckos you may purchase from Suncharmers
Lotsa Leopards.  Thank you


Have a question, or need help, send me a message. Use the box below

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