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Hello, my name is Eve, thank you for your visit to Suncharmers Colorful Collareds and More.  I am a private reptile hobbyist, and breeder. It has been a passion of mine for over 30 years now.  I work with and keep as pets many different species of lizards, geckos, frogs and turtles.

My beautiful collared lizards, who are near and dear to my heart, as well as desert iguanas, granite spinys and  S. minor,  crevice spinys other species of spinys.  I love my blue rock lizards,  clown agamas, sinai agamas,  pretty rainbow  whiptails, sabanus anole, and  Motley my colorful veiled chameleon.

I also have kept and bred leopard geckos for many years, and  have african geckos as well.  Frogs also make me happy,  they are so  cute, and fun to watch.  I keep red eye tree frogs and barking tree frogs, and yes, they really sound like dogs barking when they call,  very cool.   Last but not least I  have a family of box turtles Mom , Dad and baby.  Parents came to me as  rescues,  hit by cars.  But haved lived here for  many years now and have  been healthy and happy. 


Its been  alot of  fun all these years surrounded by all these  pretty little faces,  but  also alot of  work,  very time consuming,  can be expensive,  so you really need to be dedicated.  I feel  I have been, and it has been quite rewarding to me personally.

       Colorful Collared Lizards Lizards
             Bred here at Suncharmers


Collareds are so very diverse in color, as well as patterns. They are gorgeous  lizards, In years past I kept many species of collared lizards , but these days I keep   a few of my favorites. Aquaflames origianlly from Oklahoma  regions, Yellowheads, originally  from Utah,  Melanomaculatus, originally from Mexico, and   A few from  a Kansas locale. 

      More  Colorful Lizards
    Bred here at Suncharmers

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My Box Turtles & Frogs

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Lots Of Cute Kids Every Season

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