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         Colorful Collareds
      Bred here at Suncharmers

Photos of my beautiful  lizards here at Suncharmers.  Each page after is filled with photos of  available collareds,  and lotsa  leopard geckos that will make awesome pets,  and breeders .   Included  are frequently asked questions on collared  care, sexing and leopard gecko care.  I can not leave out  a stunning photo gallery, as well as some history  of  my amazing  lizards, pets, and breeders. A news flash page that will announce any new happenings at Suncharmers.


 My hope is to allow  others to enjoy these stunning lizards by offering only the finest, hand tamed, and beautiful captive bred lizards as  I possibly can.

When you choose a lizard from Suncharmers they have been pampered from  the day they hatched, and will be lavished with love until they are ready for their new home. 


Shipped overnight, and  delivered to your door.
I live on the east coast of the USA. and ship to all states except Hawaii.  I can also be found on Twitter, user name is Critternutz,  Eves Suncharmers.    

Thank you for visiting Suncharmers.

Love collareds here at Suncharmers





I am a private reptile hobbyist, and breeder.  Over the years I  have kept and cared for many different species of lizards,  frogs, and turtles.  Have worked with my beloved collared lizards since the early 90's, and have an enormous passion for what I do.

  Have also been working with, and extremely  enchanted by my beautiful leopard geckos. And I am also working with petrosaurus t.- Baja blue rock lizards.    On a smaller scale,  I keep and work with  other species of lizards, such as my clown agamas, sceloporus spinys,  desert iguanas, panther chameleon, sinai agmas,   Zazzu a giant anole barocoae , redeye tree frogs,  barking tree frogs, box turtles, Southern alligator lizards,  and  my two chuckwallas who have tons of personality as well,  are the guardians of the reptile  room.


The adult lizards pictured on my site are my personal pets, I will only sell offspring.  Each spring after the first breeding many beautiful hatchling collareds arrive and steal my heart.  I'm truly taken by their unique personalities.  They become quite friendly with handling, and make docile pets.  So full of energy,  like wee acrobats.  They are quite inquisitive, and incredibly beautiful. The patterns, and colors are amazingly diverse, you will be captivated by their beauty.   About the same time my leopard geckos begin to lay their eggs. Within a couple months adorable bright eyed, sweet little snow leopards  scamper about, making the spring and summer season joyful  with all the new life.

Loved from the day they hatch

Collareds are so very diverse in color, as well as patterns.They are gorgeous  lizards, In years past I kept many species of collared lizards , but these days I keep   a few of my favorites. Aquaflames origianlly from Oklahoma  regions, Yellowheads, originally  from Utah,  Melanomaculatus, originally from Mexico, and   A few from  a Kansas locale. 

      More  Colorful Lizards
    Bred here at Suncharmers

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My Box Turtles & Frogs

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Lots Of Cute Kids Every Season

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