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Collared Lizards/Locales

Yellow Heads/C. collaris

Yellowheads,  locale  east central Utah, and western  Colorado, classified as C. collaris but formerly known   as C. c auriceps . Yellowheads,  are also found in  Arizona,  somewhat of a different look, but they dazzle the eye.  

Aquaflames/ C.collaris  
 Locale is Oklahoma.  The  term/name
Aquaflame was coined by Dr. Thomas Jones, referred to the
beautiful bright coloration  turquoise/ yellows/orange dewlap

Pretty Twista
Gorgeous female , from Valerie and Barney
Awesome yellowhead male
Yeller Fellers
Yummy worm
One badass looking boy
Window dressings
All lined up in a row on the window sill looking amazing
The gathering
A tubful of color , little bit of everything going on here.
Mitigua and Marigold posing
Waseya and Neshanu yellowhead pair
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Tonkawa 3-2-2019
awesoem face shot Keetowah
Tachajan 2017 gravid
Sawana upclose
Gravid _ Kohtee
chioas lovely face shot  march 2019
Pretty boy
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Keetowah  2016
Keetowah male aquaflame
Shikoba and Wiyahka
Both names mean feather in Native American
Don't get much prettier than this guy
Keetowahs carrots
Emmm got love dem carrots
Prettiest Aquaflame female ever
Cimmeron & Cheoteh
Aquaflame brothers
Oh so colorful, female flame
Subadult here, crazy blue
Sittin Pretty
superb male aquaflame
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This page is dedicated to the totally awesome Texas coloreds. They are so very diverse  in colors,  and patterns,  from each different locale.  Blues, yellows, browns,  
greens,  blends of each and everything in between
Heyoka -  2009
Very blue Texas boy
Heyoka and Tokeya
Handsome Texas pair, great patterns
Texas sweetheart loads of greens and yellows
Gravid Texas female, cool patterns.
This young girl is gravid and sporting her orangey outfit
This girl has some awesome zigzags and crazy patterns going on
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New Mexico Fancies/C.collaris
Beautiful collareds,  fancy patterns, vivid bright colors, these New Mexico
collareds are something special, thats why I have chosen to call them New Mexico Fancies.   Many wc's  here   I received from my friend  David
Rutherford,  who has helped me over the years so much as well as my  friends "Valerie and Barney",  to have an exquisite group of lizards to work
with, and more importantly to just enjoy
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C. Vestigium/ Baja Collared
The Baja collared  or C. vestigium,  locale   the Peninsular  mountains of southern california  , southward to Baja Mexico. Awesome lizards.
The lovely Chia
Chia was the prettiest female vestigium I have ever seen.
Handsome Chino
Chino, had a long life with his wife Chia, he was 13 when he died.
Chia and her 2 offsping
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C. Bicinctores/Great Basin Collared

Mostly an inhabitant of Sonoran Desert scrub, Mojave Desert scrub, Great Basin Desert scrub, and Great Basin Grassland. Also enters Interior Chaparral and Great Basin Conifer Woodland communities in some areas.  Is found on  hillsides, canyons, and slopes with numerous large rocks.
Infrequently encountered on relatively flat terrain lacking large rocks.
Both  collareds pictured are from the white  tank mountain region.

Sexing Collared Lizards
Female Collared /Vent With Spots
Female vent pic,  this female,  does have the   black dots on either side of vent.  Just to let   you know some do and some don't.
Female Collared Vent Without The Usual Spots
This is a picture of the female vent. Notice the scales under the slit area, are  much smaller than the male.    Some females will also have  two dark black dots to either  side of vent area. She does not.
Male Collared Vent
This picture is of a male collareds vent area, notice the large row of white scales  beneath the slit area.  Compare the  two pictures,  NOTICEABLE difference

 Petrosaurus thalasinus * Baja Blue Rock Photos

                   Shindig * male
                Jamboree * female
               Hoopla  * female  * Photo 2 gravid colors

Chuckwalla, Agama & Spiny Photos

Grebster * Redback
Grebster, redback chuck from my friend Tom Greb
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Chewy and Grebster
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Hooty Arrives
Sent to me at 6 days old disabled. Shes now 13 years old.
Hooty-  died  2018
Hooty's a SPECIAL disabled female. A buddy on the chuckwalla forum, had the
unfortunate experience of his incubator being shut off by mistake, to early. All the eggs
were lost but ONE .
Hooty hatched deformed, and in a couple days was not eating either. I was fortunate
enough to be in on the conversation of making Hooty a freeze pop ;0( And asked if I
could try and get her to eat.
At 6 days old, my friend BJ ( Good guy) send her to me. She was a determined little
thing and soon beg
Beautiful Grebster
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Smurf * male Sceloporus minor
Little Blossom
Sceloporus minor female
Dazzle  * Sceloporus orcutti
male granite spiny
Razzberri * S. orcutti
Granite spiny female
Dune & Wildflower S. magister  pair
Shimmermint * S.clarki
Female clarks spiny
Yarrow pair
Female clown agama
Kissmis is a female clown agama.These colorful clown agamas come from these regions, Southern
Israel. southern Jordon, northern Saudi arabia, Sinai and Egypt.
Kringle * male clown agama
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Jangles  * Male
Kookie * Female
2017  Baby clown agamas
Sexing Clown Agamas
Sexing older clowns/ or most agamas,  Males
have a line of raised rough yellowy waxy scales  
on their belly, and waxy look on their vents.  Also has bulges along vent with waxy look as well. 
Females tummy scales appear smooth and also
vent area.  Young  can be extremley tough to sex.
Leopard Geckos & African  Gecko Photos
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Razzberri * S. orcutti

Granite spiny female